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Bringing Connectivity To All

SAMSSO Consultancy is a global provider of Internet enabled technology Solutions to support growth and development for all in Health, Open Banking, Telemetry and Educational development

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Grow and Optimise your business with Samsso

Samsso Consultancy IoT solutions connect variety of industries, including private and public sectors, SMEGovernment Organisations, NGOs, Healthcare sector and Smart Cities

Our Solutions

While delivering IoT solutions, we aim to cover all areas that support private, businesses, security, government agencies, and smart cities. 

Working together with the community to improve the quality of life. 

Transport, Telemetry and Logistics

Engage us as your IT solutions partner to improve operational excellence and automate transportation, telemetry and logistics in your business processes

Connected Healthcare

Connected Health Solutions to help improve the lives of your nation and maximise the capacity of your private and publick health services

Government and Public Sector

Evaluating processes and transforming them into digital workflows. We aim to provide technology enhancements to all the Government bodies we engage with a goal of improving public services or implement new service solutions that align with Government policies

Smart Cities

Collaborate with Local Government, Service providers, and City managers to develop smart concepts in line with Global initiatives to reduce carbon emmisions


Intuitive tools to enable growers to make more informed decisions. Our solutions transform data into actionable information and can be viewed in one central location, managed and accessed easily by authorized individuals in real time


Digital transformation in the retail industry. Understand, connect and engage end users to enable delivery of personalized user experiences

Our Locations

By first developing worldwide view, we have demonstrated our ability to manage global enterprise. 
This was accomplished by establishing ties with recognized industry experts, allowing us to advance in technology, humanity, and global presence




Rosebank Johannesburg


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